November Market Report

Please enjoy our first ever online Market Report for November. This November Market Report focuses on the introduction of Australia’s favourite summer fruit and vegetables.


We are close to summer and the joys of eating mangoes are better than ever! At a great price, mangoes from Katherine have commenced while crops from Darwin are coming to an end. Keeping our variety only at the original Kensington Pride for now, our sizes range from 10 to 18 per tray.

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Australian peaches and nectarines have started with a very small amount of supply. We will be waiting 6 weeks before we can enjoy them in abundance. Yellow and white are available in both nectarines and peaches. Small sizes are available at the moment until the prices drop.

Queensland lemons are just about finished. There will be a two month gap until lemons from the United States commence. This means that lemons will be scarce and there will be a price increase. Alternatively, if you are using the lemons for juicing, we can supply fresh lemon juice in bottles.

Many Aussies wait for this time of year for Australian asparagus, and it’s here! They are now available at a great value and we currently have them in large quantities. There has been a slight tightening in supply, but this will hold until December.

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There is plenty of Victorian broccoli around at the moment. The price has increased slightly this week but it will hold and remain consistent for the next two months.

An early variety of cherries have begun. The price is quite high and only small sizes of this fruit are available. We will see this fluctuate for the next six weeks until around mid-December.

Give me a mandy mum! Hurry up and stock up on your mandarins while stock lasts. Only a couple weeks left of these late Imperial Mandarins.


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I’m all green on the outside and light green on the inside. You will most certainly hear me crunch, although I’m full of water. I can be your snack or be served with your favourite gin. What am I?

Yep, that’s right! Coming into the warmer weather you will notice an abundance of Lebanese cucumbers. Full of Vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, it’s great in salads, in soups, or in sandwiches, and not to forget they’re full of electrolytes.

Nothing takes your breath away the same way garlic does! Australian garlic season has started and oh boy we are excited! Being a fundamental component in most dishes of various regions, the longer you cook it the milder and sweeter the flavour gets – but be careful, it burns easy!

Nothing like a fresh and juicy piece of seedless watermelon at this time of the year! Queensland seedless watermelons are around and they have been a great seller! They cut well and taste great! The prices for watermelons have also dropped.

It’s petite ingredients favourite time of the year! Mild weather and longer days means almost all their varieties are at their best. This is the most colourful time of year where dependable yields are guaranteed for any upcoming weddings, Christmas parties, and other celebrations this festive season. Contact us directly to find out what variety of edible flowers we have that are available and in season at this time of year.



Select fresh, crisp leaves with stalks that are straight and crisp. Silver or purple varieties are also available. It can be cooked like any other cabbage, but would benefit from the addition of butter or another ‘softening’ flavour to balance the bitter element.


Select firm, straight, smooth stalks with tightly-closed tips. Ridges in the stems and a dull green colour are an indication of old age. The stalks should not be limp or dry at the cut. Try asparagus with melted butter and lemon juice.


The best cucumbers will have firm skin and an even colour. A vibrant green colour assures they have recently come from the vine, whilst a dull green or yellow indicates age. Try cucumber soup peeled, chopped and then sautéed to serve with fish.



Select Kiwifruit that are plump and smooth-skinned with no wrinkles, bruises or punctures. Kiwifruit can be eaten whole or cut in half and the flesh scooped out with a spoon. Delicious with ice cream, sweet desserts, cheese and in fruit salads.


Select plump fruit with good colour and fresh bloom. Blueberries are great in pies, muffins, jams, jellies, fruit salads, and topped on your favourite ice cream.


Select strawberries that are plump, fresh and bright in colour with bright green caps. Size does not indicate quality; the largest are not necessarily the most flavourful. The flavour of strawberries may be enhanced with a splash of something sharp – try adding a little lemon or orange juice, or balsamic vinegar just before serving.

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