Spring and Summer Flavours

It’s official – the warmer weather has finally arrived! Now is the perfect time to restock your kitchen with seasonal ingredients and fresh flavours that reflect the change in season.

Eating seasonally also has loads of additional benefits by providing more flavour, variety, health benefits and cost efficiency. When produce is in season locally, you can enjoy top-quality fruit and vegetables that have been grown locally. Without transportation and extended storage, your produce deliveries will taste even better.

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Here are some delicious spring and summer produce to add to your Produce to Plate orders now that the warm weather is upon us…


Deliciously sweet and juicy, Australian peaches (yellow and white) are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre. They can be eaten raw, added to salads or made into desserts.

It’s time to get peachy keen for this irresistible Brioche French Toast with caramelised peaches recipe!

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Australian nectarines may look similar to peaches but can be recognised by their lack of fuzz! They are a juicy fruit which may be used to accentuate the flavour and health factor of many dishes.

Try recreating this Nectarine and Orange Blossom Jam recipe at home!

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Australian pineapples are a delicious, tropical treat with many immune-boosting benefits. They are also a good source of thiamine, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Add a twist to your Pulled Chicken Tacos recipe by adding a delicious Pineapple Salsa!

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Produce to Plate mangoes are high in energy, low in fat, and are a great source of calcium and vitamins, which are essential for good health. Enjoy as a healthy snack on their own, pureed in desserts, processed in dressings, thrown on the barbeque, and even added into your spring smoothies and cocktails.

Start your day right with this Mango, Almond and Honey Breakfast Smoothie recipe.

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Tender and succulent, Australian asparagus adds interesting flavours and textures to everyday meals. Asparagus spears are also a good source of fibre and Vitamin A.

Make the most of our Australian asparagus season by trying out this Summer Pizza recipe.

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Medley Tomatoes

Enjoying a punnet of Mix-Mato Medley Tomatoes means you’ll also get a healthy dose of Vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre. Brighten up your meals with the vibrant red, yellow, brown and green tomatoes.

Looking for an easy and colourful snack? Look no further than this Greek Style Bruschetta recipe.

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Recreate these warm weather dishes at home! Add flavoursome spring and summer produce to your next Produce to Plate delivery.

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